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1016MM Water Treatment Consumables Membrane ULP-8040 For Industrial Water Filter

1016MM Water Treatment Consumables Membrane ULP-8040 For Industrial Water Filter

1016MM Water Treatment Consumables Membrane

Water Treatment Consumables Filter Membrane

ULP-8040 Water Treatment Membrane

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Waterpro /OEM

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Applicable Industries::
Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops,Electronics Industry,food Industry,Pharmaceutical Industry,beverage Industry,Drinking Water Engineering, Etc.
One Year
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35 work days
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10000 PCS per month
Product Description

ULP-8040 Industrial Water Filter RO Membrane Water Treatment System

ULP series membrane elements are suitable for desalination treatment of water sources such as RO water with a salt content of less than 2000ppm, groundwater, tap water and municipal water. They are mainly used in various scales of pure water, boiler feed water, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, etc. Various fields.

ULP series is an ultra-low pressure aromatic polyamide composite membrane element developed by the company for desalination of tap water and groundwater. It can achieve the same high water flux and high desalination rate as conventional low-pressure membranes under ultra-low operating pressure conditions. Its operating pressure is about 2/3 of the operating pressure of conventional low-pressure composite membranes, thereby reducing the investment costs of related pumps, pipelines, containers and other equipment and the operating costs of reverse osmosis systems, and improving economic benefits.

Model Effective membrane area ft
Average water production
Stable rejection rate
Minimum rejection rate
ULP-8040 400 (37.2) 10500(40) 99.3 99
Test Conditions Test pressure 225psi (1.55Mpa) Test solution temperature 25℃
Test solution concentration(NaC1) 2000ppm PH value of test solution 8
Single membrane element recovery rate 15%    
Extreme conditions of use Maximum working pressure 41bar (600psi) Chemical cleaning PH range 1-13
Highest Operating temperature 45℃ Maximum influent SDI value 5
Maximum pressure drop of a single membrane element 1.0bar Allowable free chlorine content <0.1ppm
Continuous operating PH range 2~11    



  1. The water production rate listed in the table is the average value, and the error of the water production rate of a single membrane element is ±15%.
  2. It is forbidden to add any chemical agents that affect the membrane elements during storage and operation. If such chemicals are used in violation, the company will not bear all the consequences arising therefrom.
  3. Due to technological progress and product replacement, product information may change at any time without prior notice.
  4. Before the living membrane element leaves the factory, the dry membrane element has no protective solution, and the wet membrane element is stored with 1.0% sodium bisulfite (add 10% glycerol antifreeze in winter) solution and vacuum packaged.
  5. Dry membrane elements should always be kept moist after wetting; when wet membrane elements are not used for a long time, in order to prevent the growth of microorganisms. It is recommended to soak the membrane element with a protective solution (prepared with RO permeate water) containing 1.0% sodium bisulfite (food grade).
  6. When the membrane element is used for the first time, it is recommended to wash at low pressure for 15-25 minutes (it is not suitable to soak or soak overnight), and then wash at high pressure for 60-90 minutes (the water production rate is not less than 50% of the system design water production rate). The product water and concentrated water in the first hour of the initial operation of the membrane element should be completely discharged.

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