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Lowest Consumption And Easy Operation 2000LPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Lowest Consumption And Easy Operation 2000LPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Customized 2000 Lph Ro Water Plant

Sewage 2000 Lph Ro Water Plant

Rainwater ro water plant 2000 lph

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Product Details
Stainless Steel, FRP Tank
Reclaimed Water Plant Rainwater Recovery Station After Water Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
380V 50Hz, Or Customerized
After Warranty Service:
Video Technical Support, Online Support
Raw Water TDS:
Pure Water TDS:
One Year
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Naked or export wooden case
Delivery Time
35 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
30 PCS per month
Product Description

2000LPH Ro Water Purifier With Frp Tank Industrial water treatment plant ro system ro water plant

This system adopts the advanced RO technology. With the scientific design and process, the system is fully automatic and easy for operation. The treated water is suitable for direct drinking with good taste.

Reverse osmosis, referred to as RO, is a membrane separation technology developed in the 1960s. Its principle is that the raw water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane under high pressure, and the solvent in the water diffuses from high concentration to low concentration to achieve separation, purification and concentration. Because it is opposite to the direction of penetration in nature, it is called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis can remove bacteria, viruses, colloids, organic matter and more than 98% of dissolved salts in water. The method has the characteristics of low operating cost, simple operation, high degree of automation, stable effluent quality and the like. Compared with other traditional water treatment methods, it has obvious advantages and is widely used in water treatment related industries.


Features of folding RO pure water equipment
High-efficiency single-stage/double-stage reverse osmosis design to produce pure water that meets the requirements;

Replace distillation, ion exchange equipment;

Lowest water and electricity consumption;

Advanced single switch, single pump, separated pressure design;

Small footprint and easy operation;

Three types of automatic work: programmable control, flow control, liquid level control, and set an emergency button;

Four major accident protection methods;

Built-in easy-to-use, safe and efficient cleaning and desalination system;

Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain.



Tap water →source water tank →water pump →quarts filter →active carbon filter →Precise filter →softener →multilevel pump→ RO membrane→UV light →pure water tank →Ozone mixing system →Bottling machine

Applicable industry
  1. Seawater desalination industry: Seawater contains a lot of sodium ions. Drinking it directly will feel bitter and salty. It needs desalination treatment of pure water equipment. It is widely used in the desalination of ships, islands and saline-alkaline areas and the production of drinking water. .
  2. Industrial production: Widely used in some industrial industries that use purified water, such as boiler softened water, electroplating ultra-pure water, paint, painting, automobiles, special water for glass washing, etc.
  3. Beverage and wine industry: This industry needs a lot of clean water, mainly including wine, beer, liquor and other alcoholic beverages, tea drinks, carbonated drinks and other beverages, as well as dairy products.
  4. Electronics industry: Integrated circuit blocks, monocrystalline silicon semiconductors and liquid crystal displays in the electronics industry all require ultra-pure water as one of the raw materials for production.
  5. Fine chemical industry: ultrapure water is necessary in fine chemical industry to ensure its quality, such as genetic engineering, detergent, biological engineering, cosmetics and other industries.
  6. Papermaking and textiles: White paper for papermaking in the papermaking industry, water for printing and dyeing in the textile industry, and water for water jet looms all have very high requirements on water quality.
  7. Farming and flowers: Many large-scale productions pay attention to water quality, such as seedling cultivation and tissue culture of flower seedlings, water for fish in cultivation and ornamental fish, etc

Function: Auto wash and manual wash RO membrane; auto stop when water in high level; Auto run when water in low lever; Multi-levels pump with protection of no water, protection for no power, low voltage, short circuit, larger electric current

Capacity 2000LPH(25℃) Inlet water 4000LPH
Power 5KW Voltage AC380V 13A 50Hz
Description   Qty
Booster pump CHL4-40 0.75KW(Nanfang) 1
Quartz sand filter Φ500*H1750-2069 Fiberglass tank, 400Kg quartz 1
Active carbon filter

Φ500*H1750-2069 Fiberglass tank

100kg quartz,125Kg active carbon

Softener Φ400*H1650-1665 Fiberglass tank 125L resin (optional) 1
Precise filter Φ220*500mm 5 pieces PP filter 1
High-pressure pump CDL4-19 4KW(Nanfang) 1
RO system

Stainless steel frame x1,Toray 4040 Membrane x8

4040 Membrane Housing x4, Flow meter x2,

Conductivity meter x1,pressure meterx3,PVC pipe,

electric control x1

Lowest Consumption And Easy Operation 2000LPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment 0Lowest Consumption And Easy Operation 2000LPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment 1



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