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A new set of water plant equipment is shipped


Latest company news about A new set of water plant equipment is shipped

We just shipped a complete set of water production equipment today
Including filling machine, bottle washing machine, capping machine, labeling machine and so on

We will load and transport every order very carefully

Filling machine is our main product, this set of equipment is the most important filling machine

If you are also interested in filling machines, please contact us. We have more than 20 years of experience!

This machine is specially designed to fill the purified water and the distilled water, mineral water and other bacteria free liquids. The equipment is applied for 5 gallon bottle. As the equipment integrates the processes of bottle washing, filling, lid mounting, lid pressing and finished product delivering, it is the ideal choice of water plants.
For operations, the equipment can be configured with the following machines: auto cap removing machine, bottle external washer, auto loader, shrinking machine, light inspection equipment and other equipments.

Process flow
Empty barrel → manual barrel loading → one-station automatic capping machine → linear two-station automatic outer brushing machine → automatic barrel loading machine → double-row seven-station internal washing machine → double-head frequency conversion automatic pipeline → automatic capping → Automatic capping → light inspection → manual sleeve labeling → steam shrinking machine → linear bucket bagging machine → finished product → manual palletizing。

Specific working steps of XG-100 (300BPH) bottle washing and capping machine (2 rows and 7 stations)

hen the electrical eye located at the tail of the fuselage detects the barrel from the barrel manipulator, the inner barrel transport mechanism starts to work,the bottle will be sent to the first washing station, the bucket conveyor to stop working; within the red flush with 7 independently controlled 2 rows of high pressure within the jet cleaning, flushing time up to 20 seconds.
Flushing pump using multi-stage vertical high-pressure pump, water pump on the outside of the body, the overall appearance of
generous, easy maintenance.
Washing station 1,2 for the heating of alkaline washing
Washing stations 3,4,5 for the heating of flushing disinfectant
Washing station 6 for pure water washing station
Washing station 7 station for the drip

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