Automatic Backwashing Pressure Filter Water Treatment Plant

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XST
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: STDG-08
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: USD 200-10000 Per Unit
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 5-20 work day
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 1000 Units Per Month
Product Name: Multimedia Water Filter, Pressure Filter Water Treatment Plant, Multimedia Active Carbon Filter For Industrial Wastewater Treatment,Activated Carbon Filter Quartz Sand Filter Tank Multimedia Filter Raw Water Source: Tap Water, River Water, Well Water, Seawater...
Filter Control: Automatic Or Manual As Customized Filter Tank Color: Natural/blue/grey/black As Customized
Filter Flow Rate: 500lph-20000lph Inlet&outlet: DN40-DN200
Power Supply: OEM,made By Order Voltages: AC 220V /50 Hz Or AC 380V/50 HZ
Surface Treatment: Polishing Or Painting Application: Reduce The SDI, TSS...
Materials: FRP, UPVC Valve Brand: RUNXIN / FLECK
Driven Type: Electric Warranty: 12 Months
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20000lph Pressure Filter Water Treatment Plant


DN200 Pressure Filter Water Treatment Plant


150m3 Pressure Filter Water Treatment Plant

Automatic Backwashing Multimedia Water Filter Pressure Filter Water Treatment Plant

Automatic Backwashing Pressure Filter Water Treatment Plant 0

Introduction of Multimedia Water Filter

Multimedia filter can effectively remove suspended solids, colloidal, iron, organic compounds, pesticides, manganese, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants. It has a small filtration resistance, large specific surface area and strong acid and alkali resistance and oxidation, PH range is 2-13, and good anti-pollution. Quartz sand filter also has a unique advantage by optimizing the filter and filter design, implementing operation of the adaptive filter. Besides it has a strong adaptability of raw water concentration, operating conditions, pre-treatment process, that is, automatically form sparse in the top and dense at the bottom, which is beneficial in all kinds of operating conditions to ensure water quality. When backflush, quartz sand is fully spread out so that can have a good cleaning effect. Sand filter with a fast filtering speed, high filtration precision and interception capacity and so on.


A water multimedia filter is used to reduce the level of SDI (Silt Density Index), TSS (Total Suspended Solids) in the incoming feed water. Suspended solids consist of small particles such as silt, clay, grit, organic matter, algae and other microorganisms. Incoming feed water that is high in suspended solids can cause a high pressure drop and reduce the effectiveness of downstream filtration equipment such as membranes, reverse osmosis membranes, electrodeionization EDI, UV sterilizer and ion exchange beds, if the multimedia filtration is not used as a pretreatment.

Multimedia Sand/Carbon Filter
Housing Material FRP, Carbon Steel, SS304 or SS316L
Flow Rate 1m3-150m3
Diameter Dia 350mm-4200mm
Filter Media Quartz sand, active carbon, anthracite, manganese sand, resin
Inner Treatment Rubber Lined
Inlet & Outlet DN25-DN200
Interface Flange Connection
Surface Treatment Polished or Painted


Components of Multimedia Water Filter?

Filter Tank: This component will house the filtration media, it is either stainless steel, FRP or epoxy coated steel. Metallic tanks can handle higher temperatures and pressure.

Media: This is the filtration media that includes different layers of gravels, silica sand #20, garnet, and anthracite. This will depend on the quality of the filtered water that is needed. To achieve better water quality, it is recommended to add a layer of the garnet media.

Internal upper and bottom distributors: The bottom distribution system will prevent the media from escaping, while the upper distribution system will distribute the flow harmonically during the service cycle. The materials of construction can either be schedule 80 PVC or stainless steel. If your application has a high temperature water, we recommend stainless steel internals, tank and face piping.

Valves: The valves open and close according to the different cycles. They could be automatic electric or pneumatic valves for automatic filters, or manual valves for manual filters. For seawater, it is recommended to use nonmetallic valves. Some industries do not allow electric valves.

Controller: This component will control the automation of your filter. This could be a PLC or a digital stager or an electromechanical timer. This is usually a preference based on the main control in the facility or the building.

Face piping: Face piping will connect all valves that control the different cycles. It could be schedule 80 PVC, stainless steel or epoxy coated carbon steel. The material of the piping depends on the temperature or operating pressure, and if it’s an indoor or outdoor application.

Flow controller: This component is installed on the drain outlet to control the backwash flow rate and prevent the media from escaping to the drain.

Optional Components:

· ASME tanks

· Tanks with higher pressure rating

· Remote monitoring

· Different types of media

· Vacuum breaker

· Flanged piping connection

· Pipe support

· Skid mounted system

Pictures of Multimedia Water Filter

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Industries and Applications

Application for Multi Media Filter Industrial Sand Filter:

Suspended solids and turbidity reduction

Iron and manganese removal

Groundwater remediation

Pre-treatment for RO/NF and membrane system

Pre-treatment for UV sterilizers

Filtration of grey, river or surface water

Tertiary treatment for waste water

Cooling tower and heat exchanger

Water features (fountains, etc.)

Industrial process water

Storm water

Irrigation water

Swimming pool water

Potable (drinking) water

Hotels and resorts

Beverage and food processing

Automatic Backwashing Pressure Filter Water Treatment Plant 8

Features and Benefits of FRP Media Tanks:

Standard polyester or chemical-resistant vinylester construction

Easy to handle and install

No rust or need for painting

Tested to 100,000 cycles without leakage

Most vessels tested and certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for material and structural integrity requirements.

Excellent compatibility with seawater RO

Superior corrosion resistance in many applications versus epoxy lined carbon steel metal

Less cost than epoxy coated steel and stainless steel

Lightweight –¼ the weight of steel – therefore, easier to handle

More skid (slip) resistant than metal

Non-conductive (prevents shorting out electrical equipment)

Good insulating material with reasonable thermal expansion properties


Features and Benefits of Epoxy Coated Steel or Stainless Steel Media Filter Tanks:

Heavier duty than FRP

Can handle higher pressure and temperature

Can be customized by adding hand-holes, manholes and various outlets

Good for outdoor application

Direct bolting to the skid

Good for pharmaceutical and beverage industries

Can handle vacuum not like FRP tanks

ASME code shaped head construction for durability and safety


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