Agricultural Irrigation 1000Ltr RO Water Treatment Plant

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XST
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: XSTRO-1T
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: USD 2000-4000 Per Unit
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 10-20 work day
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50 Units Per Month
Capacity: 1000LPH(Liter Per Hour) Main Material: FRP, UPVC
Electricity: 220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ, 3Phase Usage: Water Filtration
Operation: Automatic Temperature: 4~45℃
Rejection Rate: ≥98% Voltage: 220V /380V/460V - 50Hz/60Hz
Raw Water: Tap Water, Well Water, Underground Water Product Name: Water Treatment System Processing Reverse Osmosis Plant
Color: By Customerized Application: Drinking Water
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XSTRO-1T RO Water Treatment Plant


1000Ltr RO Water Treatment Plant


1000LPH RO Water Filtration Plant

1000Ltr RO Water Plant / RO Water Filtration Plant / Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

Reverse Osmosis System 


What is reverse osmosis water treatment plant?


Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant is suitable for the domestic water and the underground water. It can remove the ions and small molecular weight organic compounds, such as bacteria, viruses, such as pyrogen.

Reverse osmosis device is the raw water after quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, softening filter, precision filter, etc., and then through the pressure pump, use the aperture for 1/10000 microns (1/6000 of 1/6000 of the size of e. coli, virus).


Reference Pictures of Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant


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Agricultural Irrigation 1000Ltr RO Water Treatment Plant 1

Agricultural Irrigation 1000Ltr RO Water Treatment Plant 2

Agricultural Irrigation 1000Ltr RO Water Treatment Plant 3




Product Description


Main Process of RO Water Filtration Plant

1. Raw water pump-- provide the pressure to silica sand filter/active carbon filter
2. Silica Sand filter-- get rid of turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid and so on
3. Active Carbon filter--Remove the color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter and so on
4, Softener--reduce the hardness of water
4. Micron filter--prevent any deposition of large Particles, most of the bacteria, and viruses into the RO membrane, The accuracy is 5um, for holding back any large particulates such as large iron, dust, suspended matter, impurity.
5. High pressure pump-- Provide the high pressure to RO membrane(at least 2.0 Mpa).
6. RO system--RO system is the main part of pure water treatment plant. The RO membrane's desalt rate can reach as high as 99%, it is capable of removing over 99% of ions, bacteria, particles and 98% of organic.


Product parameters of RO Water Filtration Plant


Model Capacibility
Recovery Power
XSTRO-125L 0.125 1.0-1.4 DN20 40×21 1 50-80% 1.1
XSTRO-250L 0.25 1.0-1.4 DN20 40×40 1 50-80% 1.1
XSTRO-500L 0.5 1.0-1.4 DN20 40×40 2 50-80% 1.5
XSTRO-750L 0.75 1.0-1.4 DN25 40×40 3 50-80% 2.2
XSTRO-1000L 1 1.0-1.4 DN25 40×40 4 50-80% 2.2
XSTRO-1500L 1.5 1.0-1.4 DN25 40×40 6 50-80% 3
XSTRO-2000L 2 1.0-1.4 DN25 40×40 8 50-80% 3
XSTRO-2.5 2.5 1.0-1.4 DN32 40×40 10 50-80% 4
XSTRO-3 3 1.0-1.4 DN32 40×40 12 50-80% 4
XSTRO-6 6 1.0-1.4 DN40 80×40 6 50-80% 5.5
XSTRO-10 10 1.0-1.4 DN50 80×40 10 50-80% 11
XSTRO-15 15 1.0-1.4 DN50 80×40 15 50-80% 15
XSTRO-20 20 1.0-1.4 DN65 80×40 20 50-80% 18.5


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Agricultural Irrigation 1000Ltr RO Water Treatment Plant 4


Product Application


Application of RO Water Filtration Plant


1. Cosmetic industry, removal of the ions in the water, organic creature.
2. Food and beverage industrial water, drinking pure water, soft drink, beer, liquor, health care products, such as water purification and preparation of water
3. Textile, chemical industry process water/chemical preparation water circulating water, chemical products, such as purification and manufacturing
4. Can be used for bottled water, mineral water, etc filling water of making work
5. Electronic, biological and medical engineering( medical pure water).


Agricultural Irrigation 1000Ltr RO Water Treatment Plant 5

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